Franco Casiean
Director of Operations

Hailing from Florence, Italy, Franco Casiean’s uncle is a former world record holder in the high jump. To say he has the family knack for reaching the highest of heights would be an understatement. “I became a professional athlete when I turned 14 and that was my first source of income, which was so amazing to be able to be paid to do what you love,” says Franco. “It taught me the importance of achieving the optimum result in what you do while overcoming any challenge in your path.” Spending 12 years as a professional Track and Field athlete for the Italian Olympic Team, over the course of his career he garnered multiple national and international gold medals, as well as national records. When his competitive days came to a close, he launched his own business in China before eventually relocating to Los Angeles. The Director of Operations at Summerjax, Franco quickly became an integral member of the team. “It’s inspirational to see so many talented professionals partner together to bring a creative idea into a visual statement,” he says. “The power of storytelling, it’s always been at the core of what I wanted to do.”