Welcome to Summerjax!

Production is as much about the environment in which you’re producing as the work itself. That’s why, when we started Summerjax, we kept that in mind. We wanted to create a company that could not only serve best-in-class production needs, but also created production environments unlike any other. Summerjax productions don’t feel like any other productions, and that’s something we’re so proud of. 

We created this document to help put into the words the magic of the Summerjax team. Now, like magic, it can be hard to explain what makes the Summerjax team so special. But, we figured it was worth a shot.

Our Values

Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. Someone wise said that. 

Below are our values. They’re the things that we stand for and bring into our every day.  


  • We have faith in each other to say what we mean and do what we say

  • We trust in our ourselves to do the right thing for the clients, for the work, for the team

  • We trust the process enough to know that sometimes we need a little more help and can’t do it all by ourselves (and that’s not a bad thing)


  • We work smarter, not harder (though we do work damn hard!)

  • We know the traditional ways of doing things and decide to blaze a new trail when it makes sense (and will help us get to the next step with the same, it not better, quality of work, and less of the headache)


  • We create a work environment that feels like a first-class experience we’re proudly hosting

  • We play the support role, helping to get to the best finished product

  • We take care of the team to ensure people feel taken care of (because that’s a good thing to do for fellow humans and it helps lead to better work)


  • We empower everyone on the team to own their piece in making the work great

  • We entrust every team member with the chance to do their part in making every project a success

  • We give each other space to own our bits, but will happily tap in to help each other out as needed


  • We stay three steps ahead to ensure everything runs smoothly

  • We sweat the small stuff so no one else needs to


  • We have the confidence to “go bigger,” pushing ourselves beyond what we even think is possible

  • We don’t see failure as a bad thing, we see it as a chance to grow and learn

  • We aren’t afraid to ask for help when we need it


  • We are curious about the unknown and interested in new experiences

  • We respect and revere different perspectives and backgrounds

  • We like the way we do things, but if there’s a better way, we’re all ears


  • We care deeply about the work and each other

  • We show up, whatever it takes

Don’t we sound great? 

But seriously, values are easier to write about than they are to uphold. And we know that at the end of the day, we’re all human. Some days we feel like we’re killing it. Other days, not so much. And that’s ok. The point of these values isn’t to brag about how principled we are. Or shame anyone into joining in. We outline these values because we are proud of the group that we’ve built and think it’s important to remind ourselves of the things we believe in that have shaped our work to-date and are shaping our future. 

Which brings us to something else we’d like to talk about. The Summerjax team. There are A-teams and then there A-teams. Ours is the latter. 

The A-Team

The A-Team is one that is made up entirely of top talent. Everyone on the team is a hitter. Everyone is the best in the business at what they do. But just because you assemble the best talent, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the best team. That’s what makes the A-Team so special. The A-Team isn’t created because we have the best talent. It’s created because of the way that talent works together and becomes exponentially more powerful when paired together. 

On the A-Team, we take care of each other. Everyone on the team is highly capable of taking care of themselves and getting their work done. But still, we are happy to pitch in and offer an extra hand whenever it’s needed. (Even the A-Team can get swamped)

Everyone on our team is a specialist. That’s purposeful. The best teams are made up of players confident in their main role. They’re people who’ve spent time honing their craft and building their superpower skill. What’s unique about A-Team teammates is that they’re specialty players with the flexibility and experience to flex outside their role when needed. While it’s important to have a superpower, it’s equally important to be flexible and stretch those skills when the situation calls for it. On the A-Team, we don’t let titles dictate everything we do – we’re realistic and open to the fact that sometimes we need to different hats to get things done. 

Even though everyone on the team is the best of the best, there’s a lot of space here to establish your own style and approach. Like we said before, we’re open. And that means creating an environment that helps to establish structure and approach, with the space for each individual teammate to find their voice and style within the Summerjax walls. We think that it’s important for our team to embrace their personal work style and we’ll help to create a world where that work style can thrive. 

Day in and day out, we hold ourselves and our work to the highest standards. It’s not about being perfectionists and it’s not about being better than anyone else. It’s an internal drive to make every day the best it can possibly be. Life’s too short to spend it any other way. So whether it’s the way that we treat our clients, each other, or ourselves, we think it should be the best possible version of ourselves. That dedication and drive creates a positive and inspiring culture where the work is better just by virtue of the team having a higher bar, every day.

At the end of the day, the important thing that underpins our team is the energy that we bring. Good vibes, positive thinking, and optimism are the secret sauce to everything we do. We think that what you put out into the universe matters. And for us, it’s warmth, care, and positivity. All day. 

Welcome to Summerjax