Opportunity only knocks once and it’s best to answer when it does. In the summer of 2013, after the birth of her son Jax, Lauren Tanzer decided to pursue her dream of owning and operating her own production agency. Founding Summerjax, it was not just another business opportunity, but the chance to provide friends and clients with opportunities and experiences that capture both content and the imagination unlike anything else. After four months, Wimberly Meyer joined Summerjax as Partner and Executive Producer. The team has continued to grow with 90-percent of the team comprised of women. With a strong, global network and connections to talent and resources around the world, Summerjax is able to take a very personalized and caring approach when it comes to serving their clients and meeting their needs and expectations. Ensuring that all of the boxes are checked, from planning and logistics, to location and talent scouting, to providing the cast and crew of their productions all have the support and comfort needed to produce stellar content, Summerjax takes a 360-degree approach to serving their clients. Annual budgets and content calendars are designed and dedicated to provide an “in-house” experience for the client, allowing them to operate as an extension of the brand and not just another outside entity. With experiences spanning the globe, Summerjax is nimble and smart, thoughtful and savvy, but most of all, their clients are always their number one priority.


The Team


Lauren Tanzer
President &
Executive Producer

Wimberly Meyer
Vice President &
Executive Producer


Franco Caslean
Director of Operations


Agnieszka Brzozowska
Financial Controller

Annie Beiner
Account Manager &


Michaela Eichenbaum
Account Manager


Megan Young
Business Manager


Sarah Guerra
Business Coordinator


Kelly Schuering